Volume 2 No 4

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  • NDJ Prelimnary
  • 1. Linking an Individual’s Personality and Values to the Workplace By Okere Loveday, PhD & James Enwin Vinazor, PhD
  • 2. Deux ex Machina (“The From the Machine”): Exploring Digital Worship in the Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. by Christopher Onyewuchi Opara, Ndidi Justice Gbule, PhD, & Rowland Olumati, PhD
  • 3. The Ogoni Educated Elites and the Crusade for Decolonization By Gbarale Terence Leyiga & Emma M. Gbeneye
  • 4. Enhancing Music Education and Technology through Online Learning By Kemewerigha, Tobi Ebiakpo & Arihi, Blessing Ebere
  • 5. History of Internal Colonialism in Orashi Region of Niger Delta, 1967-1999: A Trickle down Approach. By Osaih Rufus, PhD, & Maekae Job PhD
  • 6. Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria By Charles Okorie PhD
  • 7. Influence of Christianity on the traditional marriage system of Egbu-Etche people of Rivers State. By Godwin Aturuchi Eche, PhD
  • 8. Human Resource Procurement and Gender Equality in Public Sector: Focus on College of Education Igueben, Edo-State (2010-2019) By Omorede, Christiana Kayinway (PhD) & Ogaga, Ruth
  • 9. The Problems and Potentials of Faith-Based Aid in the Development Agenda of ECOWAS Countries By Gbigbidje David Lawson & Kingdom E. Orji
  • 10. Gender Equality and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Case for Rural Women - A Philosophical Perspective. By Ijeoma Ene
  • 11. Assessment of Newspaper Survival Strategies in the Face of Convergence By Patrick Cookey, PhD & Kingdom E. Orji
  • 12. Christianity and the Challenges of Kidnapping and Banditry in Nigeria By Johnwealthy Jacob Wobodo, PhD & Emmanuel C. Nheeme PhD
  • 13. Unveiling the Unseen: How Modern Parenting Styles Influence Insecurity in Nigeria By Felicia Itodo
  • 14. Moral Implications of Pornography among Youths in Africa By Nwankwo, Samuel C. Ph.D
  • 15. Heroic Archtypal Model in Ogba Myths By Ben-Fred Ohia, PhD
  • 16. A Stylistic Analysis of Hugo Barine Diinee’s “An Elegy for Ken Saro – Wiwa” By Barine Okoro Diinee, PhD
  • 17. Akusa Music and Conflict of Modernity By Augustina Chizoba Ezebube PhD. & Adeyemi Oluwafemi Adesanwo
  • 18. The Problems and Challenges Facing Ceramic Education in the Niger Delta Universities By Charlotte Tam-George Aaron, PhD & Archi Chukwumela Felix, PhD
  • 19. Iṣé-Obìnrin and Iṣé-Ọkùnrin as Taxonomical Dichotomy in the ‘Bio-SocioLogical’ Delineation of Traditional Yorùbá Art Genres By Abiodun Olasupo Akande
  • 20. The Military and Socio-Political Development in Nigeria: A Case of Babangida Administration By Monday Sunday Akpakpan, PhD & Abeki, Sunny Okoro, PhD
  • 21. Environment, Culture and Development in Rivers State: From the Pre-Colonial To the Colonial Period By Independence Chinonye Enyindah, PhD & Benibo, Tonye Diepiriye PhD
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